2018 / Action-Thriller

A young chauffeuse and her passenger are being stopped and threatened by a group of thugs. The situation seems hopeless, when another woman relentlessly gets down to action.

Cast: Jade Dregorius, Elle McFarlane, Eskindir Tesfay, Joshua Grothe, Julian Maier, Selam Tadese, Hannah Spreitzenbarth, Katja Wagner
Director: Katja Wagner, Eskindir Tesfay
Camera: Arne Totz (a-camera), Björn Beau (fight action-camera), Florian Roser (car action-camera), Simon Roser (car action-camera)
Sound: Marc Reinkober
Produced by: Movie-Do
Co-Producer: Julian Maier
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 5 min.