2014 / Tragic-Action-Comedy

We meet Sabrina at a time in her life when she can barely take the ongoing humiliations any more. But with an afflicted smile she puts up with it all. On Wednesdays however, on Wednesday everything is better! Wednesday is ‘Roughtown’-day and Sabrina’s looking forward to it the entire week. The cheesy and action packed cop show, about macho Detective Rob Nelson and the cliché gangsters grouped around mafiosi Frankie ‘the Fish’, makes Sabrina forget her dull life and dream of a better, a just world.
Appearing from nowhere her fictional series hero Detective Rob Nelson saves her from another precarious situation with a courageous karate kick. Sabrina can’t believe her eyes when her tormentor turns into ‘Roughtown’-gangster Frankie ‘Fish’!
During the next days, Sabrina’s initial uncertainty fades and she continuous to live in her dream world, where Detective Nelson wipes the floor with everyone who treats her poorly, with undreamed-of consequences…

Produced by: Movie-Do
Cast: Katja Wagner, Ben Braun, Barbara Sotelsek, Sven Gerhardt, Nina Reithmeier, Erkan Acar, Dina-Maureen Hellwig, Anja Karmanski, Mai Duong Kieu, Li Wolfgang Schiffer, Olgu Caglar, Niklas Kinzel, Eskindir Tesfay, Mathis Landwehr…
Director: Gabriele Heberling
Camera: Torsten Schimmer
Costume designer: Virgine Henzen
Editor: Laura Mogalle, Stefan Ruppert
Hair & make-up: Wiebke Reich

11/2014 – Berlin Short Film Festival, category: Best German Short Film