On Second Thought

2015 / Action

A martial artist accidentally walks into a burglary. Given that he’s outnumbered and the intruders are not to be trifled with, he has no choice…or does he?!

Production: Movie-Do (by order of Budosportcenter Münster
Cast: Jörg Gantert, Volkram Zschiesche, Kai Fung Rieck, Maik Müller
Director of Photography: Vi-Dan Tran
Camera Operator: David Ardito
First Assistant Camera: Khoa Huynh
Director: Eskindir Tesfay, Vi-Dan Tran
Production Driver: Pia Simon
Screenwriter: Katja Wagner
Production Sound Mixer: Khoa Huynh
Genre: Action
Runtime: approx. 3 min.