Guerilla’s Blood

2008 / Drama-Action-Teaser

South Africa 1994. “Guerilla’s Blood” is the story of two friends, Noah and Michael, struggling through their miserable lives in a Cape Town still torn by the apartheid aftermath.When they hear rumors about camps of a military peace corps in Mozambique, they decide to pack their few belongings and head north-east. Noah and Michael soon find it to be an illegal rebel camp; too late they realize what is going on and are imprisoned, tortured and drilled to murder innocent people. Noah manages to escape but has to leave Michael behind.Nine years later the two long lost friends see each other again in Johannesburg. But the past has changed them and they both work as mercenaries now, on a mission to find a Zimbabwean General named Ojukwu…

Production: Lopta Film, Movie-Do
Cast: Swen Raschka, Eskindir Tesfay
DoP: Konstantin Freyer
Director / writer: Arend Remmers
Hair & make-up: Ilka Müller
Music: Sami Hammi
Producer: Adrian Topol, Reza Brojerdi, Eskindir Tesfay
Genre: Conceptional teaser
Runtime: 1:30 min.