Die Kunst des Verlierens

2014 / Action Design / Drama

Christian Bender is a young and ambitious boxer, right before his showdown fight. Meanwhile he takes care of his father who’s become an invalid after his second stroke. Maria, a friend of the family and ex-girlfriend of his brother Michael, is a nurse and lends a helping hand. As Michael returns home after a long time, he’s not the relief Christian had hoped for.

Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Cast: Lukas Steltner, Antonio Wannek, Laura Maria Hänsel, Adolfo Assor, Horst Günter Marx, Kai Börner
Director / writer: David Voss
Producer: Holger Bergmann
Costume designer: Antje Johnigk-Pauls
Gaffer: Florian Fischer
Hair & make-up: Virginie Thomann
Fight choreographer: Eskindir Tesfay (showdown)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 20 min.